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Wireless multi moisture sensors controller

  • Model: 4MS-2-Solar
  • Recommended Application: For measuring moisture at different depth, suitable forcrops, or for average moisture level from different moisture sensor
  • Package Weight: 4KG
Product introduction

Control up to 4 moisture sensors. For measuring moisture at different depth, for the application of deep root crops,

or for average moisture level from different moisture sensor. Solar powered only, using standard 10*2300mAh

AA size Ni-MH Battery, the battery is not included.

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Moisture sensor(1);

915MHZ Antenna(1)


Product features:
1.Controller is solar powered.
2. Only need one key push to setup Dry/Wet control threshold. Very easy to use.
3. This controller also function as relay. The built in bidirectional wireless distance can reach 2000m through mesh network.
4. The moisture sensors can bury at different depth for different application.
5. If there is not enough solar power, the controller will turn self-off, recharging , and wake up automatically after recharged.
6. Field controllers in the range will automatically setup mesh network route to communicate with main controller.
7. This controller can work for almost one month under rain/cloudy days.

Solar panels:  17.4V DC /220mA/3.8W
Back-up battery: 10*1.2V/ 2.3AH AA Size
Quiescent current:1mA
Frequency: 902-928 MHZ
Communication distance at open space: 1600ft
Working environment: Temperature[-20~60]; Humidity [<90%]  <>
Lasting time of fully charged battery: 7 days without sun.
Battery charging time: 10 hours in standard illumination
Moisture sensor:
  1. Output: Digital data
  2. Moisture Range:  0-99%
  3. Resolution: 1%



Suggested maximum moisture sensor extention cable is 50 meters except moisture sensor for GG-005 series.


Msensor-02【Moisture sensor】


Scable-1-5m【Sensor cable】Extention cable  with connectors for moisture sensor,5 meters  (Cable:TC0.15*28S/1.6PVC*3core/OD:5.0PVC)


Scable-1-10mSensor cableExtention cable  with connectors for moisture sensor,10 meters  (Cable:TC0.15*28S/1.6PVC*3core/OD:5.0PVC)


Scable-1-20mSensor cableExtention cable  with connectors for moisture sensor,20 meters  (Cable:TC0.15*28S/1.6PVC*3core/OD:5.0PVC)


Scable-1-30mSensor cableExtention cable  with connectors for moisture sensor,30 meters  (Cable:TC0.15*28S/1.6PVC*3core/OD:5.0PVC)


Scable-1-50mSensor cableExtention cable  with connectors for moisture sensor,50 meters  (Cable:TC0.15*28S/1.6PVC*3core/OD:5.0PVC)



【Coaxial cable】3meters with two connectors (Cable:RG316,3.0mm FEP,7*0.17mm, -55~+200℃)


Ccable【Antenna-915MHZ】1.Frequece range:915MHz2.frequnce bandwidth: 100MHz3.input impedance: 50Ω4.Voltage standing wave ratio: ≤1.55.gain: 2.5dBi6.Power capacity: 50W


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