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WIFI/3G/4G General Irrigation Controller

  • Model: GG-008A
  • Price: $569.16


Product description:

1.Through WIFI or 4G to using cell remotely monitor and control the system by mobile APP or browser.

2.This controller can control up to: 1 pump, 1 flow meter, 1 pressure meter, 4 moisture sensors and 4 valves,

3.Will turn off pump if the flow rate or water pressure is out of range.

4.Support one camera to collect field photos. User can take and receive picture through network for the convenience of remote field monitoring.

5.Each moisture sensor and valve form one irrigation zone, total 4 zones. 4 zones can working independently,

6.Solar powered, no need of power lines in the field, low cost for setting up and maintaining.

7.Detailed and accurate alarms of valve open/close failure, flow rate, water pressure, and low battery to cell.

8.Frost Alarm. When temperature reaches preset point, the controller will either alarm or automatically start to irrigate to prevent frost

  damage according to user set default. Option also to water for a short time to clear ice from pipes. Or high temperature protection.

9.Rain Delay. If rain is forecasted, user can browse to “Rain water saving” function, to choose no irrigation for xx hours before rain in

   “Timer” mode, or irrigate only to keep the moisture above the dry level at "Moisture" mode, or to wait for the rain forecast period to

    pass, to minimize water usage.

10.Can down load complete history files of moisture, irrigation events, and alarm.

11.Adjustable delay time for stabilize flow rate and water pressure to have more accurate flow rate alarms.

12.Can install pressure meter or pressure switch for each valve to report real time valve open/close status.

13.User can learn, setup and adjust Dry/Wet control levels either from APP/Browser or field controllers.

14.Remote manual open/close valves and pump from mobile APP or browser, also can manually open/close valves and pump from

  the controller for convenience.

15. All 4 zones can independently choose one of these four irrigation modes:

a. Moisture sensor based control.

b. Moisture sensor based control + allowed irrigation time.

c. Timer control.

d. Timer + Rain sensor

16. When under “Moisture sensor based control + allowed irrigation time” mode, the allowed irrigation time may be different from

  Monday to Sunday. Customer can set up to 5 allowed irrigation tables, and choose any one for each zone.

17. When in “Timer+ Rain sensor” mode, moisture sensor will be used as rain sensor, no irrigation in the rain.

18. Each zone, no matter of irrigation mode, can set maximum irrigation duration to prevent flooding due to broken pipe or accident.

19. If there is not enough water pressure, user may set maximum number of zones to irrigate simultaneously. Zones requiring irrigation

    first are the  first to irrigate.

Standard package
GG-008A-4G main controller
4G controller. 1 pump, 1 flow meter, 1 pressure meter, 4 moisture sensors and 4 valves,  Solar powered or AC powered.【GG-008A-4G Main Controller(1)+USB Cable(1)+Antenna(1)+SIM card device(1)+AC Adaptor】


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