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Wireless/WiFi/4G Intelligent Irrigation Control System

  • Model: GG-002D-WiFi/4G
  • Price: $

This is an intelligent irrigation control system for big Ag, or big landscape. Main controller uses WIFI/4G to control and monitor the whole system. 915MHz wireless relay network directly controls all the field controllers with no need of WIFI in the field.

v WiFi/4G Main controller control up to:

50 wireless zones  

1 wired and 3 wireless pumps1 wired and 3 wireless flow meters

4 master valves & 4 master pressure meter  

1 wired/wireless weather station

v Each zone control up to:  

                4 valves and 8 pressure meters/switches,

                      1 air temperature sensor,

                      1 EC sensor and 1 PH sensor,

                      4 rolling machines,

                      1 flow meter and 1 level switch

v Power supply: Solar powered, Battery powered, AC powered.

v Two operation modes:  Moisture sensor based auto control mode

Timer with MAX wet limit control mode

Main specifications

1) Power12V solar power management or 12VDC 2A power supply.

2) Power supplyOut port=12VDC 2A , Import=80~240VAC

3) Back up battery: Ni-MH 2300Ah  AA  1.2V*4

4) Idle current≤100mA  

5) Wireless frequency902MHz-928MHz

6) Wireless power0.5W

7) Wireless distance: More than ≥500m at open space

8) Application environmentTemperature:-3060℃   Relative Moisture:<90%

9) Size: 246mm*156mm*47mm

10) Extension cable length

Ø For moisture sensor and level sensor, up to 50m.

Ø For valve, up to 20m

Ø For pressure switch/meter and Pump: Up to 50m

Ø For flow meter, Up to 5m

Main Functions:

1. This system has 2 control modes:

1) Moisture sensor based control. Keep soil moisture in the setup range. Will automatically adjust irrigation by season.

2) Reliable Timer with max moisture control. Timer schedules will send to and performed by the field controller for reliability.Will stop irrigation when the maximum wet is reached.

2. System controls up to 50 wireless irrigation zones, or 200 valves.

3. Once setup, system will automatically keep moisture in the desired range to optimize irrigation.

4. All field controllers/relays are solar powered, through local mesh network to communicate with main controller. No need of any power line or communication line.

5. Built-in WIFI or 4G for remote control and monitoring.

6. Detailed and accurate alarms of valve open/close status, frost, flow rate, water pressure and low battery.

7. Pressure meter used to detect leakage or jam of pipes.

8. Supportwired or wirelessweather station.

9. User can choose to install rotating cameras and video cameras accordingly, for monitoring irrigation in real time.

10. Air humidity sensorto control film rolling machine to open/ close greenhouses at real time.

11. EC / PH sensors.

12. Advanced Setting includes: Frost/Heat protection, Rain delay, Password protection, ID setup and Sampling cycle.

13. History files of moisture, irrigation events and alarms etc,.

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