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California Noble Organic Ranch 160acres

Detailed description

California Ranch case

We applied our moisture sensor based, solar powered, wireless irrigation control system to California ranch in August, 2014. The earliest test system is over 6 years old now.  This California ranch has 160 acres, about 80 acres planted. 30 acres are avocado trees, 10 acres is diversified new baby fruit trees, 1118 mature lemon trees, all other are baby lemons. The house is sit right on the corner of the land, and our wireless mesh network can cover all field wireless controllers without WIFI. This is an organic ranch, never used any synthetic fertilizer since 2005.

Here are the lemon reports. For 2014, the ranch was irrigated by farmer, the result was not that good. 2015 harvest is up 32%, and the quality is very improved. For 2016 harvest, there are already 139 bins.  Avocado income increased from $41K(2014) to $175K(2015). Avocado income could because the trees are growing up. We will continue to report.

Here is the picture of new baby lemon trees which are been planted at August of 2014.

This system not only saves labor (auto Irrigation), and water (irrigate at night to save water, and only irrigate when needed), also increases yield and makes trees healthy.

Here are the field controllers used.

Here are the avocado trees irrigated since planting in 2010. Looks like if trees are irrigated by moisture sensor control at the very beginning they will be specially good.

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