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Organic Vegetables became into a Lucrative Business


With people's attention to health, more and more people like organic vegetables. Organic vegetables must been grown with very strictly rules of organic food production. Need to have authorized certification.

During Chinese New Year holidays, we went to a supermarket in shanghai. When we arrived at organic vegetables zone,found that: the price of organic cabbage is 64 RMB, is 19.8 times to that of conventional cabbage, the price of organic eggplantis 20.2 RMB, is 8 times of conventional eggplant. The price of organic potato is 14.09 RMB, nearly 10 times of conventional potato.In Japan, organic vegetables needs pass many certifications too, the farmland can not use fertilizers in three years,need use organic manure, must not use transgenic crops and pesticide in planting process. But in Japanese supermarket,organic vegetables only 30% more expensive than conventional vegetables. So organic vegetables is a lucrative business in china, organic vegetable is luxury goods to us, general public.

Since organic vegetables are so expensive, why not plant them by yourself. Plant vegetables on your balcony, garden, not only can clean up air,  also let children feel the joy of labor. After one day's work, eat organic vegetables grown plant by your hands,that must be a wonderful thing. Our ANC Technology designed one vegetables frame to shelf planting on balcony, with soil moisture sensor and solar powered auto irrigation system, which can help to realize your dream without hard working, never worry about irrigate vegetable when you are on business trip or vacation.

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