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China will increase investment in efficient irrigation technology


It is reported that: 60 percent of total water is used in agriculture for the moment, northwestern of china agriculture consumes up to 90% total water. But so far, our country have 900 million acres farmland, only 45% of them is building as irrigated project, 8% of total farmland is with such as micro-irrigation and sprinkler irrigation, regional development is not balanced. According to global "water-saving" experience, if agriculture water utilization factor can increase 0.7%, global agriculture can save 900-950 million cubic meters of water every year.

To increase our agriculture water utilization efficiency, the government will increase investment to efficient water-saving irrigation technologies. Every province can apply twenty counties as efficient water-saving pilot counties, and will give every county 1 million subsidies every year. By the end of next year, to realize total agricultural water usage in the range of 635 billion cubic meters of water. Water usage per ten thousand Yuan GDP will reduce to below 105 cubic, decrease  30% compared to 2010, utilization coefficient of farmland irrigation water increase to 0.53, keep the total amount of agricultural irrigation water same.

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